If you or a loved one are battling cancer, look no further than Logansport Memorial Hospital.

Our state-of-the-art Cancer Care Center offers all the services patients need, under one roof. We provide comprehensive, community-based surgical oncology services, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy services to patients in a compassionate and caring environment.

100% Personalized Care

Cancer affects each patient in very different ways. That’s why our cancer care team builds personalized treatment plans for every patient, including:

  • Advanced treatment options, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation
  • Hematology for blood disorders
  • Physical and occupational therapy education
  • Leading diagnostic imaging and treatment technology
  • Specialized dietary education
  • Access to resources and clinical trials through affiliations
  • Consistent care from one team of board-certified experts

Cutting-edge Treatments

Cancer treatment is quickly evolving. The Cancer Care Center uses leading-edge treatment to provide our community with the best possible care. Our primary goal is giving patients the best opportunity for positive outcomes with the fewest possible side effects while prioritizing the convenience of staying close to home for cancer care.

Surgical oncology

Our board-certified surgical team uses the latest surgical techniques to remove cancerous tissue, leading to smaller incisions, less discomfort, and faster recovery.


Some treatment plans may require chemotherapy, including IV treatments, injections, and blood transfusions. Our infusion care is delivered by specially-trained oncology nurses who strive to make patients as comfortable as possible. 

Radiation oncology

We use linear accelerator capabilities to deliver precise doses of radiation with pinpoint accuracy, which targets cancer cells without affecting your healthy tissue.

Going through cancer treatment can be a difficult and emotional journey. We want to eliminate as many barriers to the best treatment possible so that our patients can focus their energy on getting well.

We offer flexible scheduling, companion care from members of our Volunteer Auxiliary during chemo, and other services to make your journey easier. 

Today is a new day for hope and healing at the region’s newest stronghold in the fight against cancer: the Cancer Care Center at Logansport Memorial Hospital.

Not only did they heal me, they comforted me at the same time. I loved that about my experience at Logansport Memorial.