Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a technical way of saying that a powerful magnet is used to take pictures. MRI combines strong magnetic fields, radio waves, and computer technology to produce detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone, and virtually all other internal body structures.

Our state-of-the-art Artist from GE, gives an exponentially greater image quality and is the most advanced technology in the region. The wide bore feature of this  MRI system helps with patient comfort. The magnet is slightly shorter, meaning the patient has more room while inside the machine for the procedure. In addition to more space, testing can be done either feet first or head first to help patients find testing to be comfortable and tolerable.

What to expect

MRI equipment makes a lot of noise, almost like someone is operating a jackhammer inside the machine. Logansport Memorial’s MRI is housed in a large room with a window to help minimize feelings of claustrophobia that some patients experience. The MRI has been designed with superior ventilation and lighting systems, as well as a larger width to help patients relax. Music, constant communication from staff, and allowing someone to hold the patient’s hand also bring comfort during a scan.


The results of most tests will be sent to your doctor within 48 hours.