Nuclear medicine studies have been a part of Logansport Memorial Hospital’s Medical Imaging Department since 1970. These studies involve injecting a radioactive material into the blood stream and taking pictures of the places it travels in the body. The nuclear camera basically acts as a radiation detector. The dual-head nuclear camera combined with the movable plasma TV for patient viewing offer the utmost in quality, speed, and comfort. The images are vertical or horizontal slices of the area under study which are then processed and manipulated by computer to help determine treatment of the patient.

Many studies involve a time-lapse comparison of two different nuclear scans. The radioactive material is ordered especially for each patient scheduled for a nuclear medicine study

Coming in for Tests

Enter through main lobby. If pre-registered, go to Medical Imaging. Please bring a copy of your test order, or ask your physician to fax the order to (574) 753-1384.

Digital Imaging

At Logansport Memorial Hospital, an electronic file system called PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) allows most diagnostic images to be stored digitally. The image is then ready for viewing and diagnosis immediately after it is taken. Image quality is greatly improved and can be manipulated in many ways to give physicians a better look. If requested, the current diagnostic tests will be saved to a small disk for patients to take with them. There is no charge for the PACS disk, but patients should be aware that a home computer must be fairly new to have the capability of viewing the images.


The results of most tests will be sent to your doctor within 48 hours.