Oliver's story

Learn more about Oliver's story.

When he’s not at work or school, you’ll probably find 18-year-old Oliver Crain somewhere in the great outdoors. A senior at Logansport High School, Oliver feels most alive when he’s out among nature and spends much of his time hunting, fishing and bowfishing.

Oliver was bowfishing at the Lewisburg Bridge enjoying time with friends, when he suffered an injury to his ankle. Oliver’s dad, Jim, took him to ExpressMed, where they suspected Oliver may have a fracture, as opposed to the sprain that Oliver was hoping for. Oliver was referred to Logansport Memorial Hospital for X-rays, where radiologists quickly confirmed that he had fractured his ankle.

Dr. James Davis, an orthopedic surgeon, reviewed Oliver’s X-rays and immediately scheduled him for surgery the next day to repair his ankle properly. Oliver and Dr. Davis instantly had a connection, bonding over their mutual love of tinkering and restoring cars, which helped put Oliver at ease as he prepared for surgery. The surgery went off without a hitch, and Oliver was able to enjoy a full recovery, getting him back outdoors just in time for the Indiana youth hunt.

As a father to four, Jim is no stranger to the healthcare scene—and he’s grateful to have Logansport Memorial Hospital right here at the ready, with the care he knows will keep his family well—and keep Oliver out doing what he loves most.


Fracturing my ankle wasn’t a big deal, but the idea of missing out on hunting and fishing was. Dr. Davis fixed me up, so I could get back out there.