You can make a difference

The COVID-19 global health crisis is a reminder that we’re all in this together. Here are some ways you can give back and make a difference from home.

Sew reusable face masks

Supplies of personal protective equipment are running low during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our orders for standard and disposable masks are on backorder due to increased demand and issues with the supply chain.

That’s why Logansport Memorial Hospital is joining other Indiana hospitals in asking for donations of face masks to protect our staff.

Learn more about CDC-acceptable masks

CDC-acceptable face masks for COVID-19

Face mask directions

The CDC has stated that if all other supplies are not available, healthcare providers may use handmade face masks that meet their specifications.

The following instructions are based on the pattern provided by the Turban Project, but they include a few modifications. If you or an organization you work with is interested in sewing face masks for the LMH staff, please follow these guidelines below to ensure they meet the CDC criteria:

Download the face mask pattern (pdf)

Face mask tips

  • Use tightly-woven, 100% cotton fabric on both sides of the masks. Please do not use flannel fabric.
  • When choosing a cotton fabric, please remember that both women and men in a variety of roles may wear these masks.
  • Place finished masks in a sealed, clear Ziploc bag before dropping off to LMH. Use a different Ziploc bag for each group of masks by size (men, women, and children).
  • When you are ready to drop off your masks, please call (574) 753-1414 to arrange for delivery. A team member will meet you in a facility parking lot at a pre-arranged time for your drop-off.
  • Any surplus masks will be distributed to other organizations in need, specifically to our community healthcare partners (including those working in long-term care and EMS) as well as any others requesting assistance.

LMH will disinfect these masks and use them repeatedly as needed, under the relaxed guidelines from the CDC during the face mask supply shortage as a way to protect our staff and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LMH is looking for donations of unused N95 masksDonate personal protective equipment

Logansport Memorial Hospital is accepting donations of surgical masks, N-95 masks, or other face masks that you may not be using at this time.

If you work in clinical services where you have extra PPE (e.g., dentistry, veterinary clinic, or another setting—farming, beautician salon, or construction—that has closed or reduced its operations), we humbly request that you consider donating your masks to the LMH staff during this time of need. 

Encouraging our healthcare heroes

Logansport Memorial Hospital has answered the call to serve once again, putting our patients and community first during the COVID-19 health crisis

You can send a greeting to show your appreciation to our staff. We’ll share your words of encouragement on our website, Facebook page, and via internal channels to ensure our staff receives your supportive message.

“Thank you for protecting us and for your brave efforts to heal our entire community!” #CassCountyStrong


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Every employee is an essential part of our team, from the doctors and nurses on the front lines, to the employees in Nutritional Services, Environmental Services, and Information Systems, just to name a few departments.

We are all working together to ensure that LMH operates safely and effectively every day, especially throughout this time of need.

As we navigate through our rapidly changing response to COVID-19, the LMH Foundation will continue our fundraising efforts to provide our caregivers and staff with the tools and spaces they require to care for our patients.

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