Staffed by a team of certified phlebotomists, experienced pathologists, and other specialists, Logansport Memorial Hospital offers cost-effective, close-to-home laboratory services that improve the diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of conditions. 

Whether you’re an outpatient, inpatient, or facing an emergency, trust our laboratory for quick, accurate testing. 

Processing and results

Once they are ready, you can view your results in your Logansport Memorial Hospital electronic medical records profile and—since they are compatible with the Indiana Health Information Exchange network—you can authorize secure sharing with any of healthcare providers outside of our system, too.

Main lab

First Floor
Logansport Memorial Hospital

Lobby Lab

Suite 120, First Floor
Medical Office Building West

MOB East Lab

First Floor
Medical Office Building East

(574) 753-1381

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

(574) 753-1345

Monday–Friday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. to noon
Sunday closed

(574) 753-1517

Monday–Friday 6 a.m. to noon
Saturday–Sunday closed

After hours, go to the ER for phlebotomy or specimen drop-off. No ER fees will be charged.

South Bend Medical Foundation

All laboratory services at LMH are contracted through a partnership with the South Bend Medical Foundation, a clinical laboratory and pathology group located in South Bend, Indiana. The South Bend Medical Foundation is a not-for-profit organization providing a wide range of top-quality, cost-effective health services for communities in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.

The South Bend Medical Foundation can be reached by calling them toll-free at (800) 544-0925.