Logansport Memorial Hospital is privileged to play a role in the lives of so many people in our community. Our community benefits include programs that provide treatment and promote health and wellness in response to identified community needs. 

Logansport Memorial Hospital’s community benefits are further measured by our roles as a major employer in North Central Indiana, a significant driver of the local economy, a charitable organization, an educator, and a community advocate. We look forward to continuing to identify the health needs of our neighbors as we devote ourselves and our resources to meet them.

2021 Community Benefits 

In 2021, Logansport Memorial Hospital gifted $23,825,944 back into our communities. community benefits

Year after year, Logansport Memorial Hospital is proud to show how millions of dollars were spent directly for the benefit of our patients. 

Download the 2021 Community Benefit Report here. 

2020 Community Benefits

annual report 2015

Year after year, Logansport Memorial Hospital is proud to give back millions of dollars in community benefits. 

In 2020, LMH expended $34,962,750 back into our community. 

Download the 2020 Community Benefit Report (PDF) 

2019 Community Benefitsreport

Logansport Memorial Hospital is more than a place where people go to heal. We are a part of the community that fosters health and represents hope.

In 2019, LMH invested $22,180,106 back into our community. 

Download the 2019 Community Benefit Report (PDF) 

2018 Community Benefits Reportannual report

In 2018, Logansport Memorial Hospital invested $22,579,007 back into our community. 

Logansport Memorial Hospital’s purpose remains the same in this changing world of healthcare -- to help improve the health and well-being of our community, for individuals as well as larger community groups. This purposeful work can be traced back to our mission, making “Your Health our Passion.”

Download the 2018 Community Benefit Report (PDF)

2017 Community Benefits community report

In 2017, Logansport Memorial Hospital invested $21,023,783 into our community.  

As part of our continued commitment to our communities, LMH kicked off our Building Better Health campaign, to showcase some of our valued patients. 

Download the 2017 Community Benefit Report (PDF) 


Caring for our community family is a long-standing tradition at Logansport Memorial Hospital.