Logansport Memorial Hospital is proud to be a partner of Suburban Health Organization (SHO).

Suburban Health Organization is comprised of twelve community-based Indiana hospitals working together to improve access to the highest quality healthcare possible. Incorporated in 1994, SHO serves its members by providing a collaborative forum to facilitate desired integrations and outcomes, while allowing care to remain local and preserving deep-rooted ties to hospital communities. For more than 25 years, this synergetic group has created value by forming shared services, leveraging combined purchasing power, sharing best practices, and founding innovative solutions to some of healthcare’s biggest challenges. Through partnership, we are ensuring that vital, independent community health systems continue to thrive. Together, we are creating healthier communities. 

map of lmh partners in indiana

Additional partners include Goshen Health, Hancock Health, Hendricks Regional Health, Henry Community Health, Johnson Memorial Health, Major Health Partners, Margaret Mary Health, Marion Health, Riverview Health, Rush Memorial Hospital, and Witham Health Services. These hospitals regularly collaborate with the following tertiary systems for patient care and community-based health initiatives: Ascension St. Vincent, Community Health Network, Franciscan Health, and Indiana University Health.

Learn more about how we are building Strength Through Partnership at www.suburbanhealth.com

Why Does Hospital Independence Matter?

The common goal of remaining indepedent and moving healthcare forward in our communities is at the heart of everything SHO does. An independent hospital is a vital part of a community. When decisions are made within the walls of an organization, employees and patients benefit. Independence also fosters more personal relationships with patients and their families, along with a better understanding of community needs.

SHO recognizes the importance of hospital independence and provides:

  • Economies of scale without mandates of a large system
  • Benefits of collective stability while allowing care to remain local and preserving deep-rooted ties to hospital communities