From the brain to the spinal cord to the nerves and muscles throughout the body, a neurologist has you covered. A neurologist is a medical doctor with specialized training in diagnosing, treating, and managing disorders of the brain and nervous system. 
The nervous system is a complex, sophisticated system that regulates and coordinates body activities. It has two major divisions:
  • Central nervous system:  the brain and spinal cord
  • Peripheral nervous system: all other neural elements, such as the eyes, ears, skin, and other sensory receptors

Exceptional neurology care

Logansport Memorial Hospital’s board-certified neurologist Dr. Chen Du has extensive expertise in treating a full range of neurological issues and conditions. Dr. Du can also help manage chronic pain.
Symptoms that commonly require a neurologist include:
Coordination problems
Muscle weakness
A change in sensation
Some of the conditions we treat include (but are not limited to):
Seizures, epilepsy
Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
Multiple sclerosis
Migraines and headaches

Do I need a referral? 

Your primary care provider can make a referral for evaluation if you are experiencing any of the symptoms or conditions described above. You may also call the office directly to make an appointment, and our office staff can work with your primary care provider to get the referral for you.