Prepared Childbirth Class

This one-day session class is designed for busy people. It offers an overview of the basics of childbirth and some essential techniques to practice at home to prepare for labor and delivery. You will receive a tour of the birthing area and obstetric unit.

Topics include:

  • The process of labor and birth
  • Comfort measures (including relaxation and breathing techniques)
  • Birth options, medications and anesthesia

Breastfeeding Class

This class will help you and your partner understand the breastfeeding process and increase your confidence in breastfeeding. We strongly encourage you to bring your spouse, birthing partner, your mother or other supportive friend.

Topics include:

  • Benefits of nursing for you and for baby
  • Separating facts from myth
  • The basics of breastfeeding
  • Supporting the breastfeeding woman
  • Introduction to returning to work and school
  • Resources available at Logansport Memorial Hospital and in your community
  • Support person’s role in the breastfeeding relationship

Infant CPR Class

This class is designed for parents, caregivers, and others who want to learn basic CPR and choking rescue skills for infants. This class uses the American Heart Association's "Family and Friends" CPR curriculum and is taught by professionl instructors credentialed by the American Heart Association. Attendees of theis class receive an American Heart Association CPR booklet and completion card. Please note:  this is not a certification course.

Topics include:

  • CPR and choking rescue for infants
  • Victim assessment and calling 911
  • Car seat safety
  • Household safety
  • Indoor/outdoor safety
  • First aid for poisoning

NEW -- Sibling Class

This class is designed to help big brothers or sisters adjust to a new baby in the family. Talking about what it means to be a big brother or sister helps your little one explore the new feelings they are experiencing. Mom is encouraged to schedule the class nearest to her due date. An adult must accompany the child.

Topics include:

  • A tour of the Family Birth Center, to see where baby will be born
  • Lessons in holding a baby and helping take care of "their" new baby

Smoking Cessation Classes

Are you pregnant and still smoking? Now there's help to quit, for the health of you and your baby. This class offers personalized support to help you stop smoking and start having a healthier, smoke-free pregnancy. Classes are offered as needed, and by appointment only. Call (574) 753-1466 to discuss if you are interested.

All classes are now available in Spanish.

When you call (574) 753-1488 to register for any of our classes, please let them know you will need a translator for your class and we will have one available.

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