Living a healthy and active lifestyle is a core value for the Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation. The Foundation recognized the toll an unhealthy lifestyle takes on our community and in our state. This impact was the driving factor behind the Foundation’s desire to bring a trail to Logansport.  

In 2002, the Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation received $150,000 from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to build a basic, crushed-stone path. To make the trail even better, hospital officials proposed a local fundraising campaign.

Logansport Memorial Hospital pledged to match every dollar donated by employees, up to $100,000. Combined with donations from local businesses, physicians, and Cass County citizens, the fundraising campaign raised more than $700,000. Landowners supported the project as well, donating parcels of property adjacent to the corridor.

River Bluff Trail

The Foundation’s vision for our community became a reality when the River Bluff Trail opened in 2004. The River Bluff Trail features:

  • a handicap-accessible paved trail
  • canoe/kayak launch
  • three bridges
  • a picnic area
  • rest stops
  • entrances and parking at both ends

With more than 4,000 people using the trail weekly, it has become a Cass County destination for health, leisure, and recreational activities, including multiple running events and many school functions.

Hervey Preserve

With the success of River Bluff Trail, the Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation continued its quest for a healthy community by opening the Hervey Preserve in 2007.

Thirty-five acres of heavily wooded land along both sides of Horney Creek now includes a 1.1-mile crushed-stone trail that takes users deeper into nature and connects back to the River Bluff Trail. The Hervey Preserve also features a 90-foot labyrinth, various nature paths, and a picnic pavilion.    

The Cole Bridge

Thanks to a generous contribution by the Cole Family, the Logansport Parks Department was able to install the Cole Family Bridge to connect the River Bluff Trail with the Eel River Run Trail and Riverside Park. 

Huston Park

In 2007, Sam, Tom, and Mike Huston—sons of the late Harry and Dorothie Huston—generously donated 80 acres of land to the Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation for a park. After a successful fundraising campaign, the land was deeded to the Logansport Parks Department. Huston Park officially opened on September 7, 2014. 

Sims Family Connector

In August 2016, the Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Logansport Parks and Recreation Foundation dedicated the Sims Family Connector. 

This 0.33-mile paved trail through the Hervey Preserve connects Huston Park with the River Bluff Trail. The trail is located on the southwest side of Huston Park and connects to the River Bluff Trail just west of the Cole Bridge, which links Riverside Park and the Eel River Run Trail. 

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