Because you are part of your care team, we need you to participate in your healthcare! You have to help us so that we can help you.

Before your visit

  • Make a list of your health questions. Ask a friend or relative for help if you need it. Put the questions that are most important to you at the top of the list.
  • Make a list of other healthcare providers you have visited. Write down their names, addresses, phone numbers, and the reasons you have visited them.
  • Bring all of your medicines, in their original containers, to your appointment. Be sure to include prescription, over-the-counter, natural, and herbal medicines. Include any vitamins that you take.
  • Bring your insurance card or other insurance information with you to your appointment.
  • If you wish, ask a family member or trusted friend to go to your appointment with you.

During your visit

  • Use your list of questions. Ask your most important questions first. Even if you cannot get all of your answers on the first visit, having a list will help you keep track of the answers.
  • Talk with your team about what health issue to work on first. Remember to ask about any immunizations that you may be due for, including vaccinations that may help prevent illness.
  • Be sure that you know what you should do before you leave the office, including where to pick up any prescriptions that may be ordered.
  • Use your own words to repeat back the things you’ve discussed with your team. This way, you know that the information is clear.

What you’ll get from us

  • Making us your first call allows our physicians and care coordination staff to better manage your care, with you as part of that team.
  • The medical home links care provided in the hospital with care provided from home health agencies, nursing homes, specialty clinics and to other family, public, and private community-based services.
  • All providers who are part of our patient-centered medical home accept accountability for continuous quality improvement, using evidence-based medicine and clinical decision support tools.