When it’s time to welcome your new baby into the world, we’ll be here to provide individualized care and nurturing throughout the labor and delivery. With a full range of childbirth services, you’ll be in good hands at Logansport Memorial’s Family Birth Center. 

Our priority is your comfort and safety when you’re having a baby. You can expect to be surrounded by capable, highly trained staff to create a soothing environment for you during childbirth and immediately after it. 

When you arrive at the hospital for labor and delivery

During childbirth, our maternity staff will stick to your birthing preferences as closely as possible and provide a variety of pain relief and anesthesia options to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

After labor and delivery, you’ll recover in your own private maternity suite where you’ll stay for the rest of your time at the hospital. Your baby will be kept with you in your room as much as possible.

If you want to catch up on your sleep or take a shower, our trained staff will gladly watch your infant. During your hospital stay, we’ll also give you information to help you know more about what to expect once you get home.

What you can expect from us

We’ve enhanced the childbirth experience at Logansport Memorial Hospital to ensure babies get the best start in life. Beyond providing essential breastfeeding support to all mothers, Logansport Memorial Hospital also practices:

Your newborn will stay with you during your entire hospital stay. The rooming-in process makes bonding easier and helps you learn and feel more in tune with your infant’s feeding cues and signals for other needs.

Treatment room
As part of the rooming-in process, most of your new baby’s wellness checks and doctor’s visits will happen in your room as well. Logansport Memorial Hospital's Family Birth Center has a dedicated treatment room if your newborn has health concerns or special needs that require more comprehensive attention from the doctor.

As a new mom, your baby will be placed directly on your chest immediately after giving birth. This immediate skin-to-skin contact has many perks, including health benefits such as improved heart and lung function, better blood sugar regulation, and the transfer of good bacteria. It also helps initiate breastfeeding more quickly, reduces crying, relieves pain, and calms and further nurtures your bonding with baby.

Skin-to-skin contact is facilitated when possible during every birth experience at Logansport Memorial Hospital, including for routine vaginal deliveries, as well as for a planned or more emergent C-sections.

The “golden hour”
The “golden hour” is the name given to the period of time—usually at least one hour long—to spend together with your baby and partner shortly after birth, for undisturbed bonding before family members are allowed to come to your room and meet your newborn.

What you’ll eat and drink during your stay

The Cafe Express cafeteria at Logansport Memorial Hospital will provide and deliver nutritious, energizing meals during your hospital stay that help to promote your health and recovery.

You’ll receive made-to-order meals are served as room service between 6 a.m.–6 p.m. Any of your guests will be able to purchase meals in Café Express during their normal business hours.

When your visitors come to see you

Fathers and/or partners are encouraged to actively participate in labor and delivery, and they may visit at any time. Fathers/partners also have the option of staying overnight. Hide-a-beds are provided in each private patient room. 

Other visitors are welcome to wait in our lounge until after the baby is born. Visiting periods are based upon patient preference with considerations made for privacy, safety, and protection of you and your baby. 

To help protect your baby, please make sure all visitors wash their hands when the baby is in the room and check that they are free of colds, sore throats, and infections. 

All visitors in the birthing area must be at least 14-years-old. Exceptions will only be made will be made for your baby’s siblings. An adult caretaker other than the mother must accompany the children during the entire visiting period.