Brandy's story

Learn more about Brandy's story.

Brandy Rodabaugh, a marketing professional and mother of three from Walton, has had more than her fair share of health issues in her young life. From atrial tachycardia and colon cancer to liver and gallbladder issues, Logansport Memorial Hospital has been there for Brandy through it all — and we’ve never let her down.

When Brandy wasn’t feeling well, she scheduled an appointment with her nurse practitioner, Kelly Carden. Kelly scheduled a series of tests, revealing issues with Brandy’s liver and gallbladder. Kelly referred her to Dr. Todd Weinstein, the surgeon who had discovered Brandy’s colon cancer years before (and whom other doctors credited with saving her life). He, along with radiologist Dr. David Martin, discussed her condition with her, confirming that she needed gallbladder surgery. But, before scheduling surgery, Brandy was referred to a specialist in Indianapolis for a second opinion. The specialist confirmed Dr. Weinstein’s diagnosis, and Brandy returned to Logansport Memorial Hospital (and to Dr. Weinstein) for her surgery, as he had seen her through difficult circumstances before and earned her trust and respect time and time again.

Brandy felt confident knowing the team at Logansport Memorial was so thorough, interacting with a robust network of specialists to review her case. Brandy’s surgery went smoothly, and her family was kept well informed throughout with our state-of-the-art Patient Surgery Tracker System, which sends real-time updates on the status of surgery.

Brandy was born at Logansport Memorial Hospital, and we’ve been there for her through every issue since, giving her the support, the attention and the lifelong connection she needs to stay healthy for her husband of 17 years — and those three teenagers that need her so much.

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I like the personal connection I have here. I like knowing my doctors, and I like that they know me.