Late Charges

It sometimes takes as long as 24 hours for a charge to be posted on your bill. Therefore, some charges incurred during the day before your discharge may not appear on your bill. You may receive a separate statement in a few days for those charges.

Room Charges

Your room charge starts on the day your doctor writes the order for an inpatient stay. The room charge includes 24-hour nursing care, all meals, housekeeping, maintenance, linens and other support services. Your doctor may order an Observation stay: this type of admission incurs a per hour charge.

Charges Billed Separately

Physician services rendered during your stay will be billed separately. These include fees from your personal physician, the radiologist for reading your X-rays, the pathologist for analyzing your lab tests, an ER physician if you were admitted through the  Emergency Department, an anesthesiologist for services during surgery, and fees from any other physician specialist. No physician charges will be on your hospital bill.

"EOB" stands for explanation of benefits. It is NOT a bill. It simply explains your insurance coverage.