When implemented appropriately, comprehensive wellness programs positively impact the bottom line by reducing employer health care costs. Studies have even found that employer savings are greater with a workplace wellness program than with reduced health care coverage. Logansport Memorial Hospital offers goal-oriented workforce health services that are focused on improving overall workplace wellness and reducing employer spending.

Our workforce health services combine primary, preventive, occupational, and environmental health services. Our programs can also be customized to best suit the health and needs of each workforce.

Primary objectives of Logansport Memorial Hospital’s Workforce Health 

  • Encouraging healthier lifestyle behaviors
  • Reducing employer health care spending
  • Raising workforce productivity
  • Integrating worker wellness and prevention into medical plans

"The Workforce Health team has gone to great lengths to take care of our company’s wellness, as well, by participating in our Wellness Committee, contacting our insurance carrier to help negotiate a lower renewal, providing useful and motivational information to our employees and spouses about wellness, lifestyle changes and healthy recipes.  We couldn’t ask for a better workforce health leader!"

Four Customizable Program Components for Maximum Results

  1. Program design – Sit down with our team and let us guide you, along with any other identified stakeholders, in a planning session to establish corporate objectives and goals.
  2. Risk factor identification – By analyzing the results of health risk assessments and biometric screenings, our team of health professionals will identify and inform each employee about their personal risk factors.
  3. Health promotion, education, and coaching – We will encourage employees to achieve their personal health goals in a variety of ways, most commonly through coaching and wellness education classes. These classes can be offered in-person or online for corporate convenience.
  4. Measurement – Our team will provide periodic reports that illustrate the progress your workforce is making toward health improvement. These can be customized accordingly to help you allocate your health care spending, and will describe overall utilization and effectiveness.

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Biometric Health Screening

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