Carolyn's story

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Carolyn Thomas, a retired teacher, has lived in Logansport for over 40 years. And while so many things have changed over time, one constant has remained: Logansport Memorial Hospital has been here, with our unwavering commitment to being everything Carolyn, her husband, and this community need to get well and stay well.

What makes Logansport Memorial Hospital so valuable to patients like Carolyn? It’s that we make exceptional health possible by providing access to high-caliber specialists and physicians right here in a small community like Logansport — specialists like Dr. Alan J. Anthony with LMPN Surgical Services, Dermatology. Before Dr. Anthony came to Logansport, Carolyn and her husband had to travel to Kokomo for their routine dermatology appointments, which was not exactly a convenient option. Now, Dr. Anthony offers specialty medicine right here in Carolyn’s hometown, literally a five-minute drive from her home.

From Dr. Anthony to Carolyn’s family doctor, Dr. Dallis Bowditch with LMPN Family Medicine, and the many other specialists that have been part of Carolyn’s health journey, she has confidence in Logansport Memorial Hospital, knowing she has a full team of doctors and specialists she trusts, right here — with the care that keeps her close, from people she feels close to.

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I like having my hospital close by. I like seeing the doctors in the community. And I have faith in my doctors here at Logansport Memorial.