As a truck driver for over 30 years, Ken Russell understands commitment. He’s lived it his entire life — most especially today, as his dedication to his pulmonary rehab regimen has helped him regain his health, maintain his independence and breathe just a little bit easier as he goes about his day.

Under the direction of his pulmonologist, Dr. Francois Fadel, Ken has maintained a strict rehab schedule that includes three days a week of intensive training to help alleviate the symptoms of chronic pulmonary disease. Over the past three years, Ken has ‘graduated’ from the first two phases of rehab and now maintains his training voluntarily, having learned how to self-manage his symptoms through exercise. While Ken knows he could work out anywhere, he feels most comfortable at Logansport Memorial Hospital knowing a registered nurse is always present should complications arise. And, on a social level, Ken has built friendships here that will last a lifetime — he was even awarded the ‘Ornery Award’ from the staff, honoring his good-natured teasing and quick wit that the staff and his fellow patients have grown to love.

Ken also feels confident knowing Dr. Fadel personally reviews every patient’s case each week and attends rehab every Tuesday to check in on his progress, bringing the entire team together to help him live his best possible life. And that’s just what Ken will continue to do, committed to staying the course in his rehab program to maintain his health and independence.

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I love going to rehab and couldn’t ask for a better group of people. The staff goes the extra step and will call if you miss a session.