All patients of Logansport Memorial Hospital are treated fairly and with respect regardless of their ability to pay for services rendered.

Patients presenting to the Emergency Department will be screened and treated in accordance with the federal EMTALA guidelines. Anyone facing an emergent condition will be treated and stabilized prior to any financial discussion. Non-emergent conditions will be processed similar to a physician office visit, with payment of co-pay requested at the time of the visit.

Payment options for patient balances will be reasonable and will be consistently applied.

Payment options include the following:

  • Up to six equal payments after an initial deposit
  • Payment plans through an approved outside financing agency.
  • Patients will also be eligible for discounts based on financial ability to pay, provided that the patient has submitted the appropriate paperwork to verify eligibility for these discounts.
  • As much as possible, all patients will be screened prior to receiving care to ensure they are informed of payment options and potential discounts prior to making a care decision.

Logansport Memorial Hospital will ensure that any debt collection activities on our behalf are carried out in full accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Act.

Financial Counseling:

If you need help with community assistance, or if you have questions, please contact one of our financial counselors.

You may be eligible for financial assistance to pay for medical services received at Logansport Memorial Hospital, through the Community Assistance policy.

Please complete the Community Assistance Application and send it in to learn more about available payment options for you. Para español: Aplicación para Asistencia Financiera.

Read the plain language guide to learn more about the Community Assistance policy. Para español: Resumen de Asistencia Financiera en Lenguaje Sencillo.

Learn more about the Amounts Generally Billed Calculation. Para español: Cálculo de las Cantidades Facturadas Generalmente.

Learn more about the Collection Policy.

Financial Counselors:

1101 Michigan Avenue, Logansport

(574) 753-1371 | email

(574) 753-1752 | email

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.