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For a more detailed description of Joyce’s cancer journey, view this additional video.

Joyce Eshelman is someone many might call a ‘detail person.’ As a bookkeeper for her family’s third generation farm in Walton, she has to be. Being thorough has served her well throughout her life — most especially in 2014, when she was faced with her biggest challenge yet.

Joyce has always paid very close attention to her health, which included yearly mammograms from the time she was 30. And every year, they were clear—until April of 2014. That’s when her routine 3D mammogram revealed a spot that had never been there before. She was immediately scheduled for a biopsy with Dr. David Martin and Dr. James Hall—confirming it was breast cancer. Her oncologist, Dr. Raymond Harwood, scheduled her for a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy right away. And while the results gave her the thankful news she was Stage 1, her scores were high enough to warrant chemotherapy and radiation. As a grandmother to four very young children, Joyce and her husband, David, knew they would do whatever it took to beat her cancer—which, for Joyce, was 12 weeks of chemo, followed by 7 weeks of radiation.

That year, Joyce finished her treatments right before Christmas. And she was so grateful to be close to Logansport Memorial Hospital through it all — physically close to the daily treatments she needed. And emotionally connected to the people who cared for her so completely.

Cancer is the club that no one wants to join. But Joyce is thankful everyday that we caught it early and that Logansport Memorial Hospital was by her side every step of the way.

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Not only are they healing me, they’re comforting me at the same time. I loved that about my experience at Logansport Memorial.