Greg Britt of Burrows, Indiana lives a very full life. He and his beloved wife of 30 years, Michelle, spend most of their free time with their five young grandchildren. When he’s not busy giving piggyback rides or playing hide-and-seek, you’re likely to find him in one of three places: working in his auto repair shop, leading his congregation as pastor of Whirlwind Ministries, or working hard at Logansport Memorial’s Cardiac Rehab.

Not long ago Greg was enjoying lunch with his wife and some friends, but, afterward, he wasn’t feeling well. He called his wife to tell her he was driving himself to the hospital, expecting they would just check him out and send him on his way. But that wasn’t the case. Greg was having a heart attack.

Greg underwent a quadruple bypass after discovering that one of his arteries was 95% blocked. The artery that is grimly referred to as the widow maker. Thankfully, Greg pulled through his ordeal but knew he had a long way to go before he was fully recovered. And so began his journey with Logansport Memorial Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab. Three days a week at 6:30 am, Greg is hard at work, exercising under the supervision of the cardiac rehab team. His dedication to a rehab regimen combined with his continued care from Dr. Bassel Artin, cardiologist, has given Greg his life back—and the ability to continue to live his life to the very fullest.

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Being a grandpa takes a lot of energy. Cardiac rehab at Logansport Memorial helps keep me in shape to keep up with my family.