As a mother of four, Michelle Balderas of Logansport knows how important it is to have a healthcare partner she can rely on. Logansport Memorial Hospital was here for Michelle through each of her pregnancies—and continues to support the Balderas party of six with the care they need at every age and every stage.

All four of Michelle’s children were born at Logansport Memorial Hospital. Four years ago, the arrival of her third child, Diego, left Michelle with some surprise complications after delivery, which resulted in a post-pre-eclamptic seizure. Thanks to the quick action of her doctor and the rapid response of the Logansport Memorial Hospital team, Michelle was able to recover quickly and go home safe and sound with little Diego.

So, when a fourth Balderas baby was due to arrive in 2016, Michelle’s OB/GYN, Dr. William Murray of the Women’s Health Center, who was well aware of Michelle’s medical history, kept a close watch on Michelle throughout this pregnancy to make sure she and the baby were healthy. Dr. Murray and his staff were instrumental in making sure Michelle was doing everything on her part to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. When little Marcella arrived in September of 2016, Michelle had her fourth great experience at the Family Birth Center—and thankfully, no complications.

Dr. Murray and the maternity team took exceptional care of them both—and the family’s pediatrician, Dr. Craig Pawlowski with Logansport Pediatrics has since taken over the charge as our team pulls together to keep her family healthy and strong.

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The whole Logansport Memorial team made me feel special as soon as I walked in the room. Their complete focus was on me and my baby, making sure we were 100%.