Biometric Screens point out risk factors and unhealthy behaviors to employees who may have been unaware of them and the future impact these risk and behaviors could have on their health.

Health Coaches take the information from the health risk assessment and biometric health screen to build a customized plan for each employee with specific steps to improve their health and avoid the onset of certain chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

What to Expect from Biometric Screening

All services are delivered with the highest level of quality and confidentiality. Services are implemented at your worksite and can be done at multiple locations. All staff are highly trained and extremely professional.

Our communication strategies will reach out to employees in a number of different ways and have proven to lead to better than industry average participation rates.

The biometric screens are an invaluable tool in the workplace wellness program: 20% of employees identify biometric health screening events as the single trigger to address their health issues. 

"The counsel and support from Workplace Wellness is invaluable -- truly an outstanding employee benefit. I highly recommend tapping in to all the resources available from coaching to educational/support sessions to biometric testing and counsel."