Logansport Memorial Hospital has partnered with ABM Healthcare to implement and manage our Valet Parking services. Valet parking is free and complimentary for all patients, visitors, and guests. Services and solutions will include:

  • Valet parking at the Main Entrance 
  • Prompt attention that saves you valuable time
  • Smiling, certified staff ready to help you with wayfinding and directions
  • Reduced congestion at each drop-off entrance

ABM Healthcare is one of the oldest and largest providers of support service management in the United States, operating since 1974. Logansport Memorial Hospital selected ABM Healthcare for this valet parking partnership to improve upon a necessary process for our patients and to provide you with the best possible service during your experience with us.

Here's how it works:

  1. Drop off your vehicle with a valet at the Main Entrance 
  2. Avoid searching for a parking space / Avoid walking in inclement weather
  3. Call for your car to be brought to you when you're finished!

Let our free and complimentary valet parking service assist you with parking and retrieving your vehicle.

Please do not tip the valets. Tips will not be accepted for this free and complimentary service.

After-Hours Retrieval Process

Our valet service will not be offered after 4 pm on weeknights, and will not be available on nights, weekends, and holidays. If you need to retrieve your keys from the securely locked podium after-hours, please call the on-duty Resource Coordinator who can assist you.

Read more about our valet parking services in this brochure.

Valet parking is not offered at night, or on weekends and holidays.

Phone Numbers to Retrieve your Vehicle:

  • Main Entrance:
    (574) 702-5233
  • After-Hours (after 4 pm):
    (574) 753-1757