Logansport Memorial Hospital houses two pharmacies within its building to meet the medical and health care needs of patients and visitors. Hospital Pharmacy provides medications and IVs for inpatients or outpatients undergoing procedures. Community Pharmacy offers prescription services, over-the-counter medications, and a variety of healthcare supplies.

Community Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy is conveniently located in the hospital main lobby with easy access to nearby physician offices. Community Pharmacy features accurate filling of prescriptions and flavoring that can make medications taste better. Visitors will find well-organized products on spacious shelving. Most insurance cards are accepted, and friendly education or advice about products or medications is always available. Other features include:

  • Free delivery in Logansport – Community Pharmacy offers free delivery during daytime hours to home or office for everyone.
  • E-prescribing – Medical providers improve the safety and efficiency of prescriptions by sending orders through a secure site directly to Community Pharmacy. The prescription is checked for patient insurance eligibility, drug interactions, and appropriate dosing. Automatic checks of the patient’s medication history and allergies are also done.
  • Safe med disposal program – In partnership with the Consumer Drug Take-Back Program, Community Pharmacy offers an easy, safe, and convenient option for disposing of unused medications. Anyone is encouraged to bring unwanted or expired prescription medications to Community Pharmacy. Please note that no liquids, inhalers,thermometers, needles, or syringes can be accepted.
  • Electronic signature pad – Replacing paper forms that require a signature, the electronic signature pad also accepts debit or credit cards for payment.

Hospital Pharmacy

The Logansport Memorial Hospital pharmacy dispenses almost 200,000 medication doses per year. Licensed pharmacists and technicians follow strict guidelines to fill physician orders with the correct medicine in the proper dose for each patient.

  • Medicine-dispensing machines on every medical unit store specific medications for each patient.
  • New technology in barrier isolation prevents contaminants from entering the chamber where an IV solution is prepared.
  • Barcodes placed on medicines in the pharmacy must match what is dispensed through the Med-Select machine.
  • Nurses who dispense the medications use fingerprint identification to keep the system secure.
  • Patient profiles include alerts for allergic reactions as another safeguard.
  • High-risk medications like insulin and blood thinners are double-checked by two nurses before they’re given to the patient.
  • Children’s medications are color-coded.
  • Each medical record collects all information about medications, doses, frequencies, and pharmacies used. Since people use multiple physicians and hospitals, at every point of transfer, a patient’s medication information is reconciled to make sure none is missed.

"Five Rights" put safety first

Safety is a paramount concern in drug administration. Caregivers hold the Five Rights in administering medications as their guideline to keep patients safe.

  1. Right Drug
  2. Right Patient
  3. Right Dose
  4. Right Route
  5. Right Time

Stop by and see us!

Community Pharmacy is located in the hospital lobby.

Open from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

Call (574) 732-0418 or toll free at (800) 793-7455.