Healthy communities build strong businesses

A healthy workforce makes for a healthier business. Investing in the health of your employees reduces health care costs, improves productivity and makes your business stronger. Logansport Memorial Hospital's Workforce Health Program can help your business thrive.

It’s a fact: As much as 50% of company profits go towards health care costs. (statistic from Public Health Institute)

And health care costs are on the rise because many people’s individual health is not strong. Investing in a wellness program can motivate employees to make lifestyle changes that positively impact individual health and wellness.

Better employee health = less health care costs for both the employee and employer.

  • Workplace wellness can reduce sick leave, medical costs, and worker's comp claims by as much as 25
  • A 1% reduction in health risks would save as much as $83-103 annually in medical costs per person
  • Improved wellness results in better morale, higher productivity, and improved employee retention.


Quick facts

  • 67% of our workforce is overweight or obese
  • 1 in 4 Americans has heart disease
  • 1 in 3 Americans has high blood pressure

We can help your employees identify their health risks and take steps to a healthier lifestyle.

"I am thankful to work at an organization that cares about the well-being of the employees and their family. My coach is always caring and supportive. She emails me just to check on me and I appreciate everything she does. I'm dealing with several issues and it felt good to talk to her about them."

- Logansport Memorial Workforce Health Client