Who is involved, and what do they do?

Your medical home care team may include a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, and a care coordinator, as well as other health professionals like a pharmacist or a physical therapist. These team members want to help you get healthy, stay healthy, and get the care and services that are right for you.

Your family and caregivers are also part of the team, and YOU are the most important member!

Roles of Team Members

Physician or Nurse Practitioner

  • Explain medical care and medications in a way that’s easy to understand
  • Listen to you and answer questions you have about your health
  • Arrange for needed additional testing or evaluation
  • Provide clear instructions related to your care and treatment

Nurses and Medical Assistants

  • Gather basic health information (height, weight, vital signs) for visits
  • Document details of health history and care
  • Gather information for medication refills
  • Coordinate delivery of test results to you

Receptionists / Records Staff

  • Schedule your appointments
  • Update demographic / contact and insurance information
  • Maintain electronic health records

Care Coordinators and Health Educators

  • Coordinate basic case management, including follow-up care
  • Provide education and disease management coaching
  • Communicate with specialist and off-site testing facilities
  • Coordinate community referrals for needed services